The digital twin for the built world
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WillowTwin™ is a ground-breaking software platform that re-imagines the digital twin for the built world.

WillowTwin™ integrates, analyses, and manages data at scale, delivering insights to improve performance and experience of buildings and infrastructure networks.
Open, intuitive, and interoperable
WillowTwin™ enables owners to digitize entire portfolios and redefine both the operation and experience of their buildings or infrastructure networks.
Right action, right time, right place
WillowTwin™ goes beyond connecting and managing IoT devices by modeling the relationship and interactions between people, places, and devices.
Speed, scale, and security
WillowTwin™ quickly locates and fixes problems in MINUTES, not days.

How does the WillowTwin™ work?

The Platform

Secure platform to integrate, manage and analyse data at scale.

A single, coherent source of truth, that draws from static, historic, loT and live operations data across multiple systems, to create actionable insights for performance and experience of the built world.

Handover dashboard

Willow’s Handover Dashboard is a feature activated for new builds. This provides a single view of data readiness at the time of handover.

Twin creator

Validates and prepares data to empower actionable insights via the WillowTwin™. Automatically tag and attribute model data through our machine-learning algorithms and smart tagging engine — from old and new systems.

Live stream

System uptime is responsible for continuous data production – the platform streams this activity, live and in Realtime.


Prepare your data for open protocol communication and connectivity.

Command & control

Run your facility from a single interface and command back to all of the subsystems – bypass multiple interface logins with our virtual master key.

Fault detection & diagnostics

Inspect the health and wellbeing of the equipment and sensors within your building or infrastructure network, to identify, prevent and predict faults and malfunctions, in realtime.

Occupant experience app

A completely customisable application to differentiate your building or infrastructure network. Providing your occupants with an easy-to-use mobile application whilst gathering value able data on current and future needs.

What are organisations doing with WillowTwin™?


Save time and money

Handover & commissioning

De-risk and handover day one

Occupant experience

Attract, retain, and understand your occupants

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