Digital Architecture

A unique architectural team delivering world-class, complex projects

Proven experience delivering complex, city-defining projects

Steer the project to success from inception to completion
Unparalleled capability in the 3D environment
Certainty of construction delivery and design outcome

We are a team of highly experienced digital architects who design and deliver smart buildings and infrastructure projects.

Partnering with owners and contractors, we ensure architectural documents are buildable, and technologically ready for the future.

We partner with owners, developers, head contractors, and design architects to offer a spectrum of architectural services.

Existing conditions modelling
Integrate survey and "as built" information to create structured digital models of existing site features and built form.
Design development
Act as lead consultant to develop conceptual proposals and drive the architectural design, incorporating coordinated structural building service systems.
Construction documentation
Expertise in the detailed design resolution of compliant and buildable documentation for construction.
Construction stage services
Virtual creation of construction sequencing scenarios, design query resolution, review of procurement packages, as well as monitoring and reporting of progress during construction.

Why Willow Digital Architecture?

Compliance and regulation

Detailed documentation, ready to build and adhering to industry regulation and compliance is provided.

Reduced risk

Structured 3D workflows are provided to enhance the coordination of services, structure and architecture.

Partnerships for successful outcome

WillowDigital provides competitive fees delivering a better project outcome in your smart building or infrastructure development.

Integrated with Digital Engineering and product

Our Digital Architecture team is fully integrated with our Digital Engineering and product teams.
We focus on working with the contractor and owner to deliver the vision of the project.​ The Willow Digital Architecture team, who have been known under the Ridley name since 2011, haves delivered a range of projects across regions, sectors, and delivery models.
sample caption

The Ribbon

Sector: Hospitality, Residential
Size: 54,800sqm (589,862sqft)
Customer: Grocon
Architect: HASSELL


The Star Sovereign Resort

Sector: Hospitality
Size: 148,644sqm (1.6 million sqft)
Customer: The Star Entertainment Group
Architect: HBA


The Sandstones Precinct

Sector: Hospitality, Mixed-Use
Size: 30,000sqm (322,917sqft)
Customer: Pontiac Land Group
Architect: MAKE Architects


The Westin Hotel Perth

Sector: Hospitality, Commercial
Size: 48,000sqm (516,667sqft)
Customer: BCG & Westin
Architect: HASSELL


Summer Hill

Sector: Residential
Size: 24,789sqm (266,826sqft)
Customer: EG Funds
Architect: HASSELL


Corporate Connect Stages 2 & 3

Sector: Commercial
Size: 30,000sqm (322,917sqft)
Customer: Goodman
Architect: WMK, Ridley


Sydney Light Rail

Sector: Transportation
Scale: 12km span, 19 stations
Customer: Transport for NSW
Architect: Grimshaw


Tempo Drummoyne

Sector: Residential
Size: 4,000sqm (43055sqft)
Customer: EG Funds
Architect: FKM

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