Enabling digital transformation through project delivery.

WillowDigital™ delivers digital engineering and architecture services to customers.

The WillowDigital™ team understands the processes required to harness the technology of today, innovation of tomorrow and unlock the power of data within the portfolios of both buildings and infrastructure networks.

Our core offerings

Digital Engineering

Willow’s Digital Engineering brings together static and geospatial data to accelerate and enable the creation of smart buildings and infrastructure networks.

Digital Architecture

We define Digital Architecture as the design and delivery of buildable plans, which embrace the latest technology and data insights.

Why WillowDigital?

Start with the end in mind and support every step of the way

Our team enables design, construction, and operations to be woven together into a single, digital framework. Leading with proven industry experience to expertly guide the largest and most complex projects to success.

Digital first. From end to end.

Our ethos has always been “Digital First.” We are passionate about the creation, collection and validation of data throughout the life of every project.

We see the bigger picture

More than advisory, design, or architecture. We work through the entire supply chain to enable consultants, contractors, and owners to capture the opportunity that lies within their own data.

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diversity. our point of difference and greatest strength.

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