It is an exciting time for Willow as we kick-off of one of our largest projects in New York City. We have partnered with the Durst Organization, a world leader in the development of high-performance commercial and residential buildings.

Together, we will develop a virtual replica of Queens Plaza Park; a 978,000 square-foot mixed-use multifamily residential development in Long Island City, New York, to create one of the city’s smartest buildings, improving operations and occupant’s experience. 

The virtual replica will generate a precise digital twin of the development, merging both physical and digital attributes together across the entire life cycle of the asset. This digital twin will capture more than 50,000 data inputs, from digital plans, 3D models, equipment and asset information during the construction phase. This static information will then be embedded with live and real-time data, such as elevators and air conditioning, once the building is operational.

For the hundreds of contractors working on this project, this type of technology is game changing. It will fast-track the input of crucial commissioning and handover data into a single source of truth for building managers and owners. For the first time, the physical data and operational data will co-exist from day one of operations, and provide a level new level of visibility for the real estate industry. 

Alexander Durst, Vice President at The Durst Organisation and Joshua Ridley, CEO and Co-Founder of Willow at the Queens Plaza Park Site in Long Island City, New York.

Currently, the development of a new property takes hundreds of contractors and specialists, working together. However, the industry often relies on manual processes and documentation for the handover of vital information. Developing a digital twin for Queens Plaza Park abandons the shambolic legacy paper process in the handover phase, in exchange for a structured data environment that is ready for whatever technology or use case the future may hold. 

This capability unlocks the value of data in real time, providing powerful insight and analytics that transform the efficiency, compliance and standards of construction and operation of a building. As a result, owners develop more highly valued buildings and create innovative experiences for their tenants or occupants.

In order to deliver to this grand objective, Willow will leverage our deep knowledge and experience of the building industry in the services we provide during construction. Working hand-in-hand with the project’s general contractor (Hunter Roberts Construction Group), Willow defines the data standards and compliance needed to collect, create, and structure the digital information, static data and 3D geometry of the building. The first part of our role is for our Digital Engineering team to partner with Durst to integrate this static data, with dynamic live information to create an intelligent digital twin. 

Queens Plaza Park is an incredibly important development for the community and for the city. Behind the scenes, we are working with The Durst Organization to ensure that over the coming decades, the building has the right foundation in place to capitalise on future technological advancements.

We are honoured to partner together with like-minded organisations such as The Durst Organisation, who share the same vision to bring  industry-leading smarts to the built world. As Alexander Durst, Vice President of The Durst Organisation has said “We are creating an iconic building that is being built to last. This development will be smart from day-one of construction, allowing for data capture that will streamline operations – saving time and making jobs easier.” 


Joshua Ridley is the CEO and Co-Founder of Willow.

With deep experience in property and infrastructure Joshua has established a world leading Technology Company that is creating a new category of assets that are delivered, operated and experienced through the Digital Twin. The feature enterprise platform – Willow Twin is being adopted by the largest and most respected REIT’s and global property groups as well as major global infrastructure players. Joshua believes that a comprehensive easy to use offering is required to lead an industry that hasn’t changed a great deal in 50 years. The company, Willow is able to lead innovation through leadership and a world class technology platform that passes the 7 and the 70 year old test.

About Willow

Born of the built world, Willow draws on our deep industry expertise and technology, to create a new category of innovation for the built environment. Willow is the first in the industry to create a single portal for the digital twins for property and infrastructure. Drawing on all historical and live data, this is a convergence of actionable insights that transforms the operations of assets and experiences. Willow draws on our deep domain expertise through the entire lifecycle in the development and management of property and infrastructure – from design, to construction, to ownership and management – creating a platform for the digital twin for the built environment that identifies actionable insight and delivers revolutionary innovation in the property and infrastructure industry. Willow Technology Corporation is an Australian organisation operating globally. More information:

About the Durst Organization

The Durst Organization, founded in 1915 by Joseph Durst, is the owner, manager and builder of 13 million square feet of premiere Manhattan office towers and 1,950 residential rental units with 3,400 in development. The Durst Organization is recognised as a world leader in the development of high-performance and environmentally advanced commercial and residential buildings.

About Queens Plaza Park

Queens Plaza Park is a mixed-use development including rental residences, retail, and office space in Long Island City. Projected to be among the tallest building in Queens, the new 900,000 square foot tower will house 958 residences, nearly 300 of which will be affordable. The site’s Landmarked Clock Tower building, built in 1927, will undergo a facade restoration and interior renovation to accommodate over 50,000 square feet of commercial and retail spaces. The project is expected to be completed by 2021.

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