Strukton Rail Case Study

Strukton Rail


Willow worked with Strukton Rail to develop the world’s first Digital Twin platform for rail, WillowTwin™ for Rail. Further to their partnership in the development of the solution, Strukton Rail became WillowTwin™ for Rail’s pilot customer, rolling the platform out across the Province Utrecht contract. Today, WillowTwin™ for Rail is empowering Strukton Rail with complete oversight of their network assets, allowing them to move from reactive maintenance to a preventative and predictive approach; ultimately driving network availability towards 99.9+%. Strukton Rail is now looking to implement WillowTwin™ across their entire European operations.

  • customer

    Strukton Rail

  • location

    Utrecht, The Netherlands

  • building size


  • industry

    Rail (Light rail)

  • resources

    Strukton Rail Website
  • Products & Services

    WillowTwin™ for Rail

Scope of work

Willow has been engaged to

  • Provide a rail asset management platform to reduce downtime by improving response time and efficiency of maintenance

  • Provide a rail asset management platform to connect Strukton Rail’s Rail Asset Control Centre to their on-duty maintenance response personnel

    The Willow advantage

    Strukton Rail has derived the following benefits

    • WillowTwin™ for Rail is combining disparate rail asset management systems into a single, intuitive platform. This allows Strukton Rail operators to easily monitor rail asset performance and create, triage and assign fault tickets to maintenance teams, reducing downtime and improving overall network performance.
    • Strukton Rail’s Control Centre Front Office Engineers can now efficiently manage asset fault response across the contract area with a real-time view of available resources and their location, all via a single web platform.
    • Strukton Rail’s maintenance teams are armed with the WillowTwin™ mobile application which creates a real time connection between the maintenance worker and Control Centre. Maintenance teams receive real-time faults on their smart device and are provided with all the necessary information including asset documentation, GPS navigation and safety information to effectively and efficiently address network faults.

    The WillowTwin™ for Rail solution has proven to be reliable and robust. All communication is now done electronically, no phone calls needed. During the whole process we can constantly follow what the mechanic is doing, we can support the mechanic and inform the customer with the right information like ETA and ETR. The goal is to improve our performance and efficiency within the contract. We are aware that this is just the start; there are a lot of functionalities that need to be developed and implemented. We are proud to be the first team worldwide using this solution and to be a reference for future customers of WillowTwin™ for Rail.

    Martin Bensink

    Front Office Engineers Team Lead, Strukton Rail

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