SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park Case Study

SoFi Stadium


SoFi Stadium is an unprecedented and unparalleled sports and entertainment destination in Inglewood, CA. The stadium is the centerpiece of a 298-acre mixed-use development featuring retail, commercial office space, a hotel, residential units, and outdoor park spaces. SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park has embarked on a smart building journey to ensure that their assets incorporate advanced technology that brings significant value to their clients. Willow will provide a unique solution to these challenges by using a combination of Digital Engineering services and our innovative, data-driven software platform, the WillowTwin™. Through engagement with both of these offerings, Willow de-risks and aligns the handover and commissioning process in the remaining 16 months of the project, whilst simultaneously working alongside the owner and operator of the stadium to configure and/or integrate the WillowTwin™ platform and corresponding modules. These measures are offered and recommended in order to address the ongoing operational needs and future-proofed vision for the stadium.

  • customer

    SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park

  • location

    Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • building size

    3 million sq. ft.

  • industry


  • resources

    SoFi Stadium website
  • Products & Services

    WillowDigital™ Engineering, WillowTwin™

Scope of work

WillowDigital™ Engineering has been engaged to

  • Document the objectives for the Digital Twin

  • Document the assets and properties to include in the Digital Twin

  • Capture the specific BIM, Asset Data, and Digital Twin Compliance requirements necessary to meet the project objectives

  • Establish a standardized approach to the naming conventions, model quality requirements, and Digital Twin standards for both live and static data

WillowTwin™ has been engaged to

  • Collect, validate and manage digital information during the stadium’s critical construction phase to enable the creation of a digital replica of the asset
  • Identify and agree on end use cases for the Digital Twin including sustainability, operational efficiency and occupant experience
  • Implement selected customizations for the needs of the business

The Willow advantage

SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park has derived the following benefits

  • Collateral collection/digitization (asset registers, as-builts, O&Ms)
  • Live reporting dashboard
  • Compliance transparency and accountability
  • Intuitive dashboard and mobile-facing interface
  • Interactive 2D/3D dashboard widget
  • Digitized, structured, and searchable asset data and metadata
  • Future-proof model collateral
  • True digital replica of built form, assets, systems and services
  • File naming convention application
  • Asset metadata associations for optimal data discovery

project milestones

  1. WillowDigital™ Digital Engineering engaged
  2. WillowTwin™ digital twin setup
  3. Twin Customization, Third-Party Integration, and Substantial Completion
  4. Implementation

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