Investa Case Study

Sixty Martin Place


Investa is one of Australia’s largest, most recognised commercial office real estate companies, committed to helping workplaces thrive. Willow collaborated with Investa to deliver advisory services to ensure a practical digital strategy could be implemented and governed throughout the project. During the construction process, Willow’s Twin Creator platform tracked and validated all 71,848 digital assets within the building, resulting in 100% completion and compliance a week prior to practical completion. Willow’s team worked directly with the head contractor Lendlease to ensure all stakeholders understood the digital handover process and were able to simply and efficiently deliver spatial (3D BIM), static and live asset data. This ultimately creates a digital enabled, accurate and smart building at the point of handover, ready for more efficient and connected operations. In addition to this, Willow will deliver a new mobile application in partnership with Investa called “Insite by Investa”. An evolution of their current tenant engagement program the new Insite app connects tenants with essential building services and enables Investa as building owners to better understand how their buildings are being used. From a base building technology perspective, the App utilises building technology to provide building access, car park access, goods lift and loading dock bookings, providing occupants with a seamless technology experience. Insite will enable Investa to gather valuable learnings from how their spaces are being used, collated over previous years to shape future developments and existing buildings within their portfolio.

  • customer

    Investa Property Group

  • location

    Sydney, Australia

  • building size

    40,000m2 General Floor Area

  • industry

    Commercial Real Estate

  • resources

    Investa website
  • Products & Services

    WillowDigital™ Engineering, WillowTwin™ Platform

Scope of work

WillowDigital™ Engineering has been engaged to

  • Provide the Digital Briefing Requirements

  • Provide client-side Digital Project Management services

  • Provide Asset Data Strategy

  • Review Digital Strategy approach of the supply chain

  • Review Design & Construction Digital Progress & Completion

  • Undertake regular Asset Data Audit reviews

  • Undertake regular 3D Model Audit reviews

  • Perform as-built geometry and data completion reviews

  • Provide implementation services of the WillowTwin™ Platform

WillowTwin™ has been engaged to

  • Provide a single cloud-based platform and intuitive dashboard to combine 3D model geometry, asset data and live sensor data

The Willow advantage

Investa has derived the following benefits

  • 100% digital compliant handover at practical completion (for 71,848 assets)
  • Investa have a single view of all live, static and geospatial data and models, in a single cloud platform
  • The ability to locate all building data and documentation
  • The ability to update documentation in real time to reflect building and equipment changes

project milestones

  1. WillowDigital™ Digital Engineering engaged (advisory)
  2. Construction commences on site
  3. WillowTwin™ engaged (software)
  4. Practical completion

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