CYP Design & Construction Case Study

Metro Tunnel


Willow is engaged by CYP Design & Construction, a joint venture between John Holland, Lendlease & Bouygues Construction, delivering the Metro Tunnel Project’s twin nine-kilometre rail tunnels and five new underground stations, to provide Digital Engineering (DE) services. Willow has five full-time personnel as part of the 12 project DE team members and is responsible for working with the project team in the delivery of 3D models, GIS information, and asset data related to the creation of a Digital Twin for each of the five new underground stations. There are in excess of 400 3D models on the project, and Willow will work collaboratively to drive the DE requirements required from the various subcontractors and consultants. Willow’s team is also responsible for overseeing intelligent 3D models, GIS & asset data across the project.

  • customer

    CYP Design & Construction (John Holland, Lendlease, Bouygues Joint Venture)

  • location

    Melbourne, VIC, Australia

  • building size


  • industry

    Infrastructure, Transport – Rail

  • resources

    Metro Tunnel website
  • Products & Services

    WillowDigital™ Digital Engineering

Scope of work

WillowDigital™ Engineering Services has been engaged to

  • Implement digital transformation in existing processes for the Design Team, External Designers Teams and Subcontractors through Digital Requirements

  • Model auditing & compliance review

  • Automate data transfer between teams through the CDE with parametric standard rules. Automate the key digital processes to increase quality

  • Collate and standardise transferable and usable asset data and models through open data formats in order to achieve 100% usability by all teams and stakeholders

  • Establish digital processes and workflows to increase accountability and transparency of design and construction challenges

  • Review, audit, analyse and optimise strategies to ensure compliance with the DEMP and ensure continuous improvement in digital practises

    The Willow advantage

    CYP Design & Construction has derived the following benefits

    • Assure compliance with all requirements for digital quality assurance, digital asset data
    • Enable digital transformation through delivery, procurement, completions and handover

    project milestones

    1. WillowDigital™ Digital Engineering engaged Gap analysis and new DE strategy
    2. DE Strategy and Delivery Implementation DE Commercial Support for Redesign
    3. Construction Phase Support As-builts and Asset Data Handover Strategy
    4. Practical Completion

    Willow has been providing an excellent service during their entire engagement. Their proactivity, consistency, accuracy and quality in all their activities has had a huge impact in the digital outcomes and coordination of the Metro Tunnel Project. Thanks to their work, design and construction teams have benefited from the transformation and digitalisation of their workflows. Willow also has supported other teams such as Commercial, Procurement, and Asset Management digitally with excellent outcomes.

    Adam Sharman

    Technical Director, CYP Design & Construction

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