Born of property, Willow Services launched in 2011 under the brand name Ridley. Consisting of two core areas: Digital Architecture and Digital Engineering, Willow has all the services you need from designing your smart building, through to the implementation and operation of your Willow Twin.

Digital Architecture

Willow’s Digital Architecture group provides specialist services to enhance the project vision through the 3D environment, driving development and delivery of the virtual form to realise the physical world. Our team are industry leaders in detail resolution, co-ordination of services and the documentation of large complex projects, ensuring clarity of design and certainty of construction outcome.

This is an established team with a track-record of delivering quality, coordinated and efficient project outcomes for the largest developers and contractors. The inherent process of the Digital Architecture group is to set up your building for the construction and operation of a Smart Building incorporating the Willow Twin as its foundation to unlocking innovation throughout the entire project life-cycle.

Digital Engineering

The Willow Digital Engineering team partner with you to create, capture and integrate your static data, such as 3D models, asset registers, operating & maintenance manuals, with your live data such as sensor / IoT data.

This is all done through the implementation of the Willow Twin. The Digital Engineering team will help support you to design and create, operate and scale your Willow Twin to ensure your building or infrastructure network is truly smarter, greener and more efficient than ever imagined.