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Willow is the digital twin for the built world

WillowTwin™ is a groundbreaking software solution for real estate and infrastructure that deploys digital twins to collect, organise, and analyse data.

  • Unparalleled handover and commissioning. It all starts with the Twin Creator. By tracking spatial data, asset data and live data inputs, it allows users to validate the progress of the twin visually and intuitively.
  • Smarter operations. The right data at the right time. WillowTwin™ provides powerful, contextual insights to improve the performance and experience of the built world.
  • Seamless integrations, endless possibilities. The Willow Marketplace allows users to access best-in-breed smart building applications through a single, secure integration point.
  • Remarkable occupant experience. Willow’s Experience app is a seamless, intuitive, and enjoyable mobile experience that incorporates the latest in emerging building technologies.
  • The WillowTwin™ is powered by Azure Digital Twins. Delivering solutions to our customers backed by security, scale, and innovation.

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