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Willow leverages the digital twin as a gateway into an entire ecosystem of solutions — an industry first in the world of digital twins.

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Plug and play best-in-class technology

Willow Marketplace™ gives users access to native Willow and best-in-class applications from across the globe through a single and secure integration point. Users can quickly select and integrate applications into WillowTwin™ to drive smarter operations, improve sustainability management, occupant experience and more.


Open innovation ecosystem

Willow Marketplace™ enables best-in-class technology vendors to connect their existing applications and create new solutions for portfolios connected to Willow.

Reduce integration costs
Willow enables owners to roll out new technology at scale, significantly reducing individual integration costs per vendor and building.
Improved decision making through data-driven insights
Improve operations, fix faults before they occur, and streamline the management across your portfolio or network.
Trial and benchmark
Quickly trial and benchmark third-party applications across a portfolio or specific buildings without incurring expensive installation costs.
Enterprise-grade security
Willow provides a secure cloud-enabled platform utilising best-in-breed data protection protocols.

Marketplace categories


Smart maintenance

Applications that relate to operations and performance of the asset including Fault Detection & Diagnostics, Energy, Analytics and Maintenance.


Asset management

Management of the asset components such as Leasing, Accounting and Property Management.



The occupant experience and items that relate to the day to day lives of people such as room booking, event management, food and beverage integration.

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