Willow Experience deployed across Investa portfolio

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Willow, the digital twin for the built world, is deploying their Experience application across 13 buildings in the Investa portfolio commencing mid-February.

Investa, who has worked with Willow for five years across several technology initiatives, appointed Willow to develop a bespoke App as part of the evolution of their existing tenant engagement program, Insite which Investa launched in 2015.

The Insite app connects tenants with essential building services and enables owners to better understand how their buildings are being used. It has also been designed in a modular fashion that takes into account the specific base building functions and is customised to what is available at each site.

Sally Franklin, Group Executive of Real Estate Services and Business Operations at Investa said; “The Insite App has been specifically tailored to meet the changing needs of our occupants with a focus on connecting them to base building technology and necessary building administrative functions.

From a base building technology perspective, the App utilises building technology to provide building access, car park access, goods lift and loading dock bookings, providing occupants with a seamless technology experience.

New functionality available through this edition includes E-commerce integration. A proprietary merchant app that enables occupants to browse, order and pay through the workplace app. Conveniently housing local cafes, dry cleaning, florists within one interface. The end result is a more streamlined experience that integrates all essential elements of a tenant’s life. The Insite app has also been recognised for its best-in-class integration with HID Access Control System, allowing tenants to use the app to enter the building rather than the traditional access pass.

Willow Product Leader Michelle Tizzard said, “Owners such as Investa are taking a leadership position in this space. Through technology they are seeking to create a more seamless and enjoyable experience and, in the process, better understand their tenants.

Tizzard sees technology as not an end in itself, but rather as part of a bigger technology story.

This version of the app is really just the beginning. It’s a base platform from which future technology, services and offerings can be intergraded into. Also, the learnings we gather can be applied to improve the space over time.

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