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Willow engaged as part of Multiplex team on Sydney’s new international airport

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Sydney (September 7, 2021) – Willow, the leading provider of digital twin solutions for smart infrastructure and real estate has been engaged as part of Multiplex’s team, to deliver the new Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport Terminal & Specialty Services project.

Multiplex, the international contractor founded in Australia, will build the Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport terminal, due to open its doors to the first passengers in late 2026. This airport is a transformational infrastructure project of national significance, driving economic growth and providing thousands of job opportunities for the people of Western Sydney, while supporting Sydney’s growing aviation needs.

Western Sydney International will be developed in stages as demand grows, and a second runway is projected to be required around the 2050s. By the 2060s, the airport is expected to accommodate approximately 82 million passengers annually and become one of the largest gateways to Australia.

Western Sydney Airport
Source: Western Sydney Airport

Willow worked with Multiplex during the bid phase to provide digital engineering services, including the digital engineering management plan and construction sequencing. Following the successful award of the project, Willow will now act as the digital engineering lead on the project and will utilise its software through the Design and Construction phases over the next five years. Through Willow’s digital engineering services and WillowTwin™ Creator software, it will enable Multiplex and Western Sydney Airport to have total transparency and control when it comes to the management of digital information. “We are pleased to have Willow as part of our delivery team and we look forward to working together to deliver this transformational project,” said Multiplex Construction Manager Manos Sartzetakis.

“When we can better manage construction data, we can better manage construction outcomes.” said Gerard Francis, Willow’s Global Head of Real Assets. “Willow is working together with Multiplex to drive more efficient construction, smoother handover, faster commissioning and will deliver a digital ready environment for operations.”

Western Sydney Airport
Source: Western Sydney Airport

Digital twins are already in use across several sectors, including construction, energy, healthcare, automotive and infrastructure sectors. In each case, digital twins take in vast amounts of data, including streams from Internet of Things sensors, to monitor current operations and historical behaviour, and plan for what may happen next. When developed with geospatial data, or a geographic information system, digital twins are immersive, multidimensional, and location intelligent— able to show in detail what’s happening, when, and where, and can be used to explore or predict future states.


About Willow
Willow is the “digital twin” for the built world. Through their services and software, Willow creates a digital replica of a built asset, that collects and aggregates data into a “twin”. Through this approach, Willow enables the owners and operators of major portfolios and infrastructure to make smarter, more proactive, and data-led decisions. By providing data-driven insights, Willow empowers users to manage with greater efficiency, drive operational improvements at scale and provide their occupants with an enhanced and more connected experience. Willow is a global technology company with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, Seattle, New York, London, Amersfoort, Manila, and Tel Aviv. For more information head to Willow’s website:

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