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Willow Delivers insite Application for Investa at Sixty Martin Place

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Willow, the digital twin for the built world, has recently delivered a new application that connects tenants with essential building services and enables owners to better understand how their buildings are being used. The app will be launched this week at Investa Commercial Property Fund (ICPF) and Gwynvill’s flagship Sixty Martin Place skyscraper.

ICPF and co-owner Gwynvill recently completed the circa $1 billion skyscraper at Sixty Martin Place, considered to be the central plaza of Sydney’s CBD. The opening of the premium-grade building will coincide with the launch of the new application for tenants.

Investa, who has worked with Willow for five years across several technology initiatives, appointed Willow to develop a bespoke App which they have called “insite,” focused on both base building technology and tenant engagement.

Sally Franklin, Group Executive of Real Estate Services and Business Operations at Investa said; “The insite App has been specifically tailored to meet the changing needs of our occupants with a focus on connecting them to base building technology and necessary building administrative functions.”

From a base building technology perspective, the App utilises building technology to provide building access, car park access, goods lift and loading dock bookings, providing occupants with a seamless technology experience.

CPO and Co-Founder of Willow, Dale Brett said: “Owners such as Investa are taking a leadership position to collaborate and communicate better with their tenants, to better understand their needs and create more seamless, intuitive and enjoyable experiences. Willow is enabling this mission through our technology, to transform the way owners engage tenants.”

Brett sees technology as not an end in itself, but rather as part of a bigger technology story.

“Investa and Willow do not see this application as a siloed solution but rather integrated into a wider portfolio technology strategy which includes the integration of this data into a digital twin, integrated smart access control, building dashboard, digital signage and smart sensors.”

Insite will enable Investa to gather valuable learnings from how their spaces are being used, collated over previous years to shape future developments and existing buildings within their portfolio.

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