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Willow CEO and Co-Founder relocates to Dallas amid rapid North American growth

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Dallas (April 13, 2022) — Willow, the leading provider of digital twin solutions for modern, efficient smart infrastructure and real estate, is pleased to announce that Joshua Ridley, Global CEO and Co-Founder, will be leading the company from Dallas amid rapid growth in the North American Proptech and digital twin market. The move from Sydney, Australia will more optimally position the leader in digital twins to expand and meet appreciating demand for digital-first environments and technologically driven sustainability, transparency and efficiency. In addition, the move further solidifies the United States and North America as key and important geographic areas for Willow, which has operated in these regions since their founding.

Ridley’s move represents the importance of the Dallas market and its momentum in the region. The end of 2021 saw cities in the Sun Belt and Texas, such as Houston and Dallas, lead the country in terms of commercial real estate transaction volume, especially as institutional and international investors enter the market. Texas is increasingly becoming a powerhouse for technology and innovation, with Dallas being of particular importance, as it is central to major North American customers and partners, and is a hub for Willow’s growth in the critical infrastructure sector.

As the Global CEO and Co-Founder, Ridley has overseen Willow’s exceptional growth via customers and partnerships with Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft. “North America has and continues to be a cornerstone market for Willow, and I am privileged to partner with some of the most innovative and forward-looking companies on the planet that are committed to leveraging the power of digital twin technology,” said Ridley. Willow’s has a global workforce of over 350 employees, which includes digital engineers, software engineers, sales and marketing, customer success and subject matter experts as well as operational staff and technical support staff located across North America, APAC and Europe.

“Willow is bringing an entirely new approach to the market; through our digital twin, we are challenging the old way of managing building and infrastructure data. We are seeing our customers and partners increase their ambition and accelerate adoption as they seek to leverage the opportunities that digital twin technology delivers. Together we are transforming the built world,” said Ridley.

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