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The Digital Twin for the built world is transforming existing buildings

PostedWillow Team

A wave of innovations is helping organisations reimagine the built world. New buildings are now built to harness the technology and the power of data, however modernising existing buildings is more complex. Smart building technology is often implemented across disparate systems with solutions that do not integrate and provide total building insights. Organisations are looking for a more integrated, intuitive approach.

Today, Willow is launching a world first solution that allows owners of existing buildings leverage their smart building investments by integrating the data and functionality of these disparate systems into the WillowTwin™. The solution draws upon static, geospatial and live data, and integrates, analyzes and manages data at scale in one intuitive platform. Contextual insights into spaces within a building are delivered to improve the performance and experience of buildings.

For example, when WillowTwin™ is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics Connected Field Service, Microsoft Power BI and Iconics it helps building improve the operation and management of their existing buildings. Modelling scenarios such as emergency management and floor optimisation can be enabled. Seamless management of fault detection from detection, to location of assets, through to the issue and management of service requests can all be provided with WillowTwin™ as the interface.

“This solution is a game changer for existing buildings. It allows the connectivity and integration between IoT devices, people & spatial data to power best in class technology vendors from around the world. Now we are able to drive both operational efficiencies as well as having the ability to enhance the experience for those within the building.” says Dale Brett, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer.

Being future ready, this platform is ready for future investments by allowing owners and/or occupants to integrate new technology solutions into the solution.

Willow will be showcasing solutions for new and existing buildings, including WillowTwin™ integrated with Microsoft Dynamics Connected Field Service, Microsoft Power BI and Iconics at the upcoming Realcomm event. The Willow Booth (#433) is located in the Microsoft Partner Pavilion.

WillowTwin™ is the digital twin for the built world, empowering people and organisations to connect with the built world in completely new ways.

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