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Hey there Richard, tell us a little about your role at Willow.

No two digital coordinators are alike; we all have our niche roles and responsibilities. The work we do ranges from automation to project management. Somewhere in the middle is where I’ve found myself – working with the automation team to develop workflows for merging data models and the data visualisation team to report on data completeness for those models. I am also working with customers on QAQC processes to ensure the data and models are structured for their digital twins.

What attracted you to your role at Willow?

It started with a conversation. A close friend/mentor spoke to me about Willow. Our mutual interest aligned with BIM, data visualisation, and digital fabrication. Those were areas of focus during my architecture undergraduate studies – where we met. Moreover, the transition from architecture to an architecture adjacent career was presented as a challenge to learn and grow. There was excitement in the thought of developing my data visualisation skills and growing my BIM knowledge base.

What kind of projects are you currently working on?

My time is focused on successful digital engineering services and digital twin services for one of our biggest customers. Should there be projects with needs that overlap with my skillsets, then my time is split to complete specific tasks on those projects.

What has been your biggest learning or opportunity you’ve had since being at Willow?

Data visualisation and data analysis. Creating Dashboards or a series of visuals for reporting is extremely rewarding. Whether the reporting is internal or external facing, the dialogue around data visualisation is rich and fulfilling.

The spirit of collaboration seems to come to life when talking about data, metrics, and the other components of asset management.

What do you find most exciting about working in tech?

Learning about digital twin technology’s impact in day-to-day lives of operations managers and technicians. Testimonials from our customers have reaffirmed that digital twins do positively impact everyday life for all users. Furthermore, it creates an opportunity to collect information that will benefit many industries – information that impacts the sustainability, lifecycle cost, and operations of an asset (real estate, rail, or otherwise).

What do you love most about working at Willow? What has your experience been with our company culture?

The adaptability. Working from home/remote has been a good experience. There is an effort to stay connected through virtual activities. Like establishing “random coffees” (short causal chats with colleagues), virtual water cooler chats, Friday knowledge sharing, or the occasional happy hour. Willow creates a culture of community, communication, and caring.


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