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Investa’s Sixty Martin Place Achieves 100% Digital Completion

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Investa Commercial Property Fund (ICPF) and the co-owner Gwynvill Group (Gwynvill) have completed a circa $1 billion skyscraper at Sixty Martin Place, considered as the central plaza of Sydney’s CBD. This milestone also includes the 100% practical completion of every digital asset within the 33-level building and the creation of a digital twin, driven by Willow and the lead contractor Lendlease.

Sixty Martin Place

The digital completion of a building this scale is of great significance for the real-estate industry, previously Facilities Management teams would have spent months developing this information from scratch. Lendlease has played a critical role in embracing the opportunity to create a digital twin on completion.

Rather than an analogue asset register compiled in offline USB keys or binders, Investa now have a digital twin of their asset, i.e. an accurate “single source of truth”. This digital twin records and validates all aspects of the building’s equipment, warranty information, operation and maintenance information – within an intuitive 3D environment to drive more efficient depreciation planning in operations.

Willow’s Platform: Asset data fields showing 100% completion

Willow worked together with Investa to deliver advisory for ensuring a practical digital strategy could be implemented and governed through the project. Throughout the construction process, Willow’s platform tracked and validated 71,848 digital assets within the building for completion and compliance. Willow’s team worked directly with the head contractor Lendlease to ensure that through the Willow platform, there could be easier completion and compliance for the entire supply chain of Contractors and Subcontractors in order to produce the digital data needed by Investa in Operations. This ultimately creates a digital enabled, accurate and smart building at the point of handover, ready for more efficient and connected operations.

Investa have been leaders in the industry by pushing the market to a different approach to create smarter buildings and digital twins that can help in operations. They have worked together with Willow on innovating in the built world for the past 5 years.

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