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Digital Acceleration: Exclusive Partnership Strukton Worksphere and Willow

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Strukton Worksphere and Willow, the global leader in digital twin technology, are proud to announce that they have entered into an exclusive arrangement to collaborate on the deployment of the WillowTwin™ onto buildings in the Netherlands. They will combine their knowledge for the purpose of elevating digital building services to new levels. The result? A new generation of linked, innovative, healthy and sustainable buildings. The companies recently signed an agreement for this purpose. “This partnership elevates data-driven services to an unprecedented level.”

Virtual replica of physical building

It’s all about the data recorded in a digital twin. This data originates from smart sensors, and information provided by users, service providers and the Building Information Model (BIM). All of this data is collected, analysed and translated into smart solutions and then made accessible by means of a unique user-friendly interface. Buildings and the services provided become adaptive and users can interactively adjust their needs.

The WillowTwin™ is a ground-breaking digital twin software solution that collects, organises and analyses building data at scale. It enables owners and operators to manage and maintain assets more efficiently and provides occupants with an enhanced user experience.

According to Strukton Worksphere’s CEO Evert Lemmen, this creates new opportunities: “As a frontrunner in the digitalisation of buildings, through our platform PULSE, we aim to accelerate developments in this area so that we can as quickly as possible apply innovations for our customers. Willow is the perfect partner for making this next step a reality.”

Willow Chief Executive Officer, Joshua Ridley notes that the WillowTwin™ visualises data to allow for customisable data dashboards, applies machine learning to deliver insights into building performance and compliance and offers world class cyber security solution to guard against data breaches and unauthorised access. Buildings then become adaptive and tenants can interact with the building in a whole new way.

Adaptive buildings

What will this partnership deliver in actual practice? Users will come to understand their building even better. This results in actual adaptive buildings: the buildings and the services follow the users’ needs. Buildings are intuitive, flexible and above all provide an incredible user experience. For building owners, this creates new strategic property management opportunities that in the past we could only dream of. The result: an improved user experience, and higher availability and reliability.

Exclusive partnership

“The strength lies in the combination of our joint knowledge and experience: the WillowTwin™ software combined with Strukton Worksphere’s data-driven services,” says Evert Lemmen. “This way we create a unique perspective of the digital services provided in the built environment.”

“Willow partners with subject matter experts and leading brands to scale and further deepen our offering” says Joshua Ridley. “Strukton Worksphere is no exception and this deepens our relationship with Strukton, building upon the successful partnership to date with WillowRail.”

“Co-creation is an unconditional requirement for continuous innovation in this rapidly developing market,” Evert Lemmen emphasises. “Willow is a highly innovate technology company with an international perspective. It develops cutting-edge software for digital twins and specialises in the built world. We complement each other and are therefore an ideal match. This is expressed in our joint ambition of transforming the built world and creating the world of tomorrow today. This is the future of building management and I look forward to Strukton Worksphere making this a reality together with Willow.”

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