Partnering to bring digital twins to the built world

Willow and Microsoft have been on a journey with digital twins, with Willow featured in the private preview of Azure Digital Twins release in 2018. The relationship between Willow and Microsoft is multi-faceted, touching product design, product development and co-marketing.

WillowTwin™ - Powered by Microsoft

Willow leverages domain expertise in real estate and infrastructure on top of Microsoft’s Azure Digital Twins’ flexible modelling, to build solutions that enable the owners and operators of real assets to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and better engage occupants.

Through Azure Digital Twins, Willow can focus on what differentiates our business, leveraging the scale and the robust distributed systems architecture that Microsoft provides. Azure provides Willow a reliable, scalable and secure platform to bring digital twins to the built world.

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    Digital Twin Definition Language

    Flexible and comprehensive language for WillowTwin™ creation.

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    Scalable foundation for rapid WillowTwin™ creation.

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    Robust and Secure

    Robust and secure framework for the operation of WillowTwin™.


An introduction to Digital Twin Definition Language


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