Harnessing The Power of IoT and Digital Twin Technology: Joshua Ridley Featured as a Panelist at the Toronto Urban Land Institute 2019 Symposium

Press Release 4 March, 2019

Technology is disrupting all aspects of the built world and this is only accelerating each year. The challenge rather, is how industry leaders can harness these disruptive forces to create and share value for their shareholders and the broader public good.

Willow Announces Opening of New United Kingdom and European Office

Press Release 21 December, 2018

Willow, a visionary “digital twin” company announced this month that it has opened a new office in the heart of London to accommodate the growing demand for its services and solutions in the United Kingdom and European region.

The Durst Organization and Willow Give Queens Plaza Park the Smarts with Digital Twin Technology

Press Release 19 October, 2018

Willow, a global digital and services company, and The Durst Organization, a world leader in the development of high-performance commercial and residential buildings, today announced the companies will create a virtual replica of ‘Queens Plaza Park (QPP), in Long Island City, to create one of the City’s smartest buildings, improving operations and tenants’ experience.

thyssenkrupp lays the foundation for intelligent buildings with digital twin technology with Willow

Announcement 24th September, 2018

Essen, Germany-based thyssenkrupp Elevator is a worldwide leader in elevator technology, and the company is taking its knowlede of urban mobility to the next level with help from its partner Willow

At its Innovation Test Tower in Rottweil, Germany, thyssenkrupp Elevator is using Willow Twin—a digitalized virtual model of the physical building—to revolutionize the way buildings are maintained and to enhance the experience of tenants and visitors. Willow Twin is built on Microsoft Azure, using a wide range of Azure services, including the recently released Azure Digital Twins.

Willow and thyssenkrupp Elevator take building smarts to a new level

Press Release 24th September, 2018

Willow, a global company HQ’d in Australia, creates a digital twin platform providing state-of-the-art transformation ofbuilding management and delivering the best visitor experience.

Sydney, Australia: Willow, an Australian digital company, has collaborated with thyssenkrupp Elevator and Microsoft to create a digital replica of thyssenkrupp’s Innovations Test Tower in Rottweil Germany. The solution integrates hundreds of sources of data to revolutionise building performance and efficiency for both operators and tenants – from maintenance, to resource utilisation, to energy efficiency and beyond – all whilst improving the ways people experience the building…

Willow and Strukton build world's first digital twin platform for rail improving uptime in Australia's $26B Rail Industry.

Press Release 18th September, 2018

Willow Rail powered by Strukton provides first of its kind visibility into the everyday workings of a rail networks

Sydney, Australia: Willow, an Australian digital company in partnership with Strukton Rail, a global leader in rail asset management and maintenance,  today launched Willow Rail powered by Strukton, a first of its kind digital platform that can provide rail owners and operators with holistic insight into the assets and operations of an entire rail network, helping to maintain and operate networks at the highest levels of availability for passenger and heavy haul networks…

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