OperationsDrive improvements in the operation and reporting of your buildings

Real-time and contextual information to make your most important decisions, plan for the future and tune asset operations to perfection.

WillowTwin™ for operational buildings enables users to compare assets and benchmark system performance across their portfolio. Users are empowered to identify operational trends and faults, allowing smart maintenance and supporting the delivery of an optimum occupant experience.

A better way to send money.

Drive cost savings
Proactive maintenance can achieve cost savings of 20-30% over a reactive maintenance process.
Improve maintenance efficiency
Data-driven maintenance approach ensures only the highest priority equipment issues are addressed, reducing reactive maintenance costs.
Portfolio-wide insights
Data normalisation across all buildings makes it possible to drive portfolio-level planning and decisions.

Smarter Maintenance

WillowTwin™ enables users to implement proactive, preventative and predictive maintenance to improve equipment life span and the efficiency of maintenance practices.


Track and Manage Sustainability

WillowTwin™ enables users to benchmark, track and manage their KPIs across multiple buildings, with the ability to identfy root causes of key faults and drive sustainability actions directly from the platform.


Improve Asset Management and Portfolio Reporting

WillowTwin™ provides a single pane of glass for portfolio management across financial, operational and vendor performance measures.


Commercial Real Estate


Brookfield Properties is a fully-integrated, global real estate services company that provides industry-leading portfolio management and development capabilities...

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Having someone as a partner, a true partner that you can share and test ideas with, has been beneficial in Investa's journey with Willow.
Mark TaitGroup Executive and Head of Commercial Development, Investa

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