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WillowTwin™ is your gateway to view, measure, and benchmark your portfolio for robust, data-led decisions.

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WillowTwin™ for Real Estate

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  1. Digital Portfolio

    See all your assets connected to Willow

    Visualise your entire portfolio on a single page overlaid with key operational performance indicators and insights across your buildings.

  2. Insights

    From data, to insights, to action

    View analysed data insights from your building systems and historical data to identify potential issues for further investigation and actioning through ticketing workflows.

  3. Open Integrations


    Unify your existing systems and analytics into a single source of truth within WillowTwin™

  4. Ticketing

    Record and delegate actions

    Assign and track tickets for your maintenance teams based on asset insights and historical data within a single page to efficiently resolve issues within your buildings.

  5. Time series

    Analyse and compare live equipment data

    Analyse and compare multiple live data points simultaneously for any time range, to troubleshoot equipment faults and discover insightful trends across your entire portfolio.

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    Minimise errors during design and construction

    Review, coordination and auditing of project models reduces costly delays and disruptions during construction.

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    Allocate team resources effectively

    Automated checks of project models and asset data removes the element of human error and excess man hours.

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    Smoother project handover

    Progressive tracking and validation of spatial and asset data improves the efficiency of the handover process.

Use-cases in real estate



Track, manage and validate data for smoother construction.



Drive improvements in the operation and reporting of your buildings.



Create more connected and comfortable spaces for your people.



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Purchase the core platform, the platform is standard regardless of asset class.

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Customer Stories

Who benefits from WillowTwin™



Willow enables executives to better understand and manage their assets, in order to drive long term performance and resilience throughout the investment lifecycle. The value of succinct and contextual information can inform strategies to deliver enhanced investment outcomes, ensuring data-driven outperformance of the market and access to funds in a competitive landscape.


Asset Managers

Willow enables asset managers to better understand how their portfolios are performing, in order to drive long-term performance. By connecting once disparate solutions or data sets into a unified portfolio view, Willow equips asset managers to make accurate and strategic portfolio decisions. With Willow, portfolios will also be future ready – through a secure and safe integration point for new software solutions.


Facilities Managers

By using Willow, facilities managers can gain a competitive advantage for their organisations, by improving operational efficiencies and cost control for teams whilst making the asset more desirable for current and future tenants. Willow makes it easier for facilities managers to implement initiatives to improve the value of the building whilst providing powerful insights to help show and prove the impact.



Having Willow in a building or workplace makes the asset more appealing to all stakeholders – by better serving and reaching tenants/customers whilst enabling the building(s) to perform better from an operational/sustainability perspective. Willow also allows owners and occupants to get more out of their buildings. Through Willow, all aspects of an occupant’s life, from access controls, to lifts and lockers, to local retail can be integrated into a seamless and enjoyable mobile experience.

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