Real EstateCreating action from a portfolio of operational data

With WillowTwin™, you have the most important portfolio information at your fingertips. Spend less time digging for information and more time where it matters most.

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WillowTwin™ for Real Estate

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Willow’s digital twin solution, WillowTwin, centralises your building and portfolio systems and technologies to improve operational efficiency and surface timely and relevant insights for data-led decision making. Through the integration of static, spatial and live data, unlock greater context and value from data that was once viewed in isolation. Visualise and explore the relationships between equipment and systems and drill into the most relevant data, to understand ‘cause and effect’ and better inform action.
  1. Dashboards and Reports

    Portfolio-wide intelligence in four clicks or less

    Quickly understand high-level performance and trends at a building or portfolio level with standardised dashboards. Extend your understanding by clicking through to quick access reports to inform decision making.

  2. Insights

    Greater performance insights, effortlessly

    Examine automatically generated insights at a building or portfolio level, for items that need your attention and view within their spatial context. Achieve business goals, such as energy savings, through an internal rules engine which triggers insights for data points and systems when conditions are met.

  3. Search and Explore

    Draw meaning out of isolation

    Locate, examine and update information, files and live data for all twins across your portfolio. Gain greater context by exploring the relationship and interaction between twins through an ontology relationship graph specific to real estate.

  4. Time Series

    Stay on top of trends and opportunities

    Identify potential areas of concern and investigate malfunctions by comparing and analysing live trend data throughout your building(s) or portfolio. Leverage these insights to track the effectiveness and impacts of maintenance practices and inform maintenance plans.

  5. Inspections

    Capture and retain the full context

    Record all relevant details and upload photos when undertaking inspections to ensure they are completed correctly with the full context documented. Reference past inspections and historical information to perform root cause analysis after an inspection is completed.

  6. Ticketing

    Your ticket to optimised maintenance

    Centralise your ticketing workflows to quickly assign work groups to take investigative or corrective action through the creation of standard or scheduled tickets. Work groups can access tickets and all associated information in-field via a mobile application to efficiently complete delegated tasks and update ticket progress and actions taken.

WillowTwin is not just another layer in your technology stack. It capitalises on your existing technology investments by unifying those systems and making them available to all users, at all times. With WillowTwin you have confidence and the most complete information to optimise operations and make smarter decisions. As the industry digitally transforms, WillowTwin sets you up for success not only today, but tomorrow and into the future. Take the first step in your journey towards smarter operations with WillowTwin.

Customer Stories

From boardroom to basement. Who benefits from WillowTwin™ for Real Estate?



WillowTwin gives executives better understanding of their assets, to drive long-term performance and resilience throughout the investment lifecycle.


Asset Managers

With WillowTwin, asset managers can better understand how their portfolios are performing, to drive long-term performance.


Facilities Managers

Through WillowTwin, facilities managers can improve operational efficiencies and cost control for teams whilst making the asset more desirable for current and future tenants.



Operations teams can use WillowTwin to make the asset more appealing to all stakeholders – by better serving and reaching occupants, whilst enabling the building(s) to perform better from an operational and sustainability perspective.

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