MiningOptimise throughput, recovery, and operating costs of materials handling and processing plants

Develop a constraints-based digital twin to prioritise, measure and mitigate production impacts with WillowTwin™ for Mining. With a near real-time replica of your fixed plant operations, WillowTwin gives you data-backed insights to better manage work and target sustaining capital improvements.

Through a centralised repository of systems, data, and knowledge, Willow’s digital twin solution enhances decision making, ensures production targets are met, and identifies real-time opportunities. Improved system visibility and Willow’s data intelligence surfaces insights that dive deeper than “what” and get into “why”. Through the WillowTwin’s ability to visualise relationships between static asset data, dynamic OT data, and work planned and performed, you’ll not only improve decision making, but systemically learn what really reduces production and measure the effectiveness of improvements.

Increase throughput by prioritising the right works at the right place

Identify and prioritise corrective work to reduce the largest system constraints as quickly as possible. Take advantage of unplanned downtime to move structured work forward, and upcoming structured work to delay corrective inspections.


Drive long term business and continuous improvement

Derive patterns from historical data, perform root cause analysis, and systemically reduce constraints to increase production. Measure the impact of continuous improvement initiatives and ensure root causes have been addressed to validate initiative ROI.


Create digital twins of new and existing assets

Create, edit, commission, and finalise handover with twin management to keep your data up to date in parallel with capital projects and upgrades. Manage the change of your digital twin across the complete asset lifecycle.


Simple to navigate and use, equip your front-line managers with WillowTwin to drive real improvements and enable digital transformation. As teams pick up and embrace data driven change, introduce more advanced capabilities and 3rd party applications such as predictive maintenance, in-house Machine Learning models and scenario planning. WillowTwin is designed to support the transition of experienced employees into data driven ways of working.

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Explore the features of WillowTwin™ for Mining

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Mining 4.0: Are you ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

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Introducing WillowTwin™ for Mining

Data-backed insights to better manage work and target sustaining capital improvements

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We are hugely excited about this partnership with Willow. Their technology, peerless network of customers, and iconic projects are impressive. We are all in with their vision to create a category.
Bert Van HoofPartner GPM, Azure IoT at Microsoft

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