RailTransforming the creation and operation of rail networks through WillowTwin™

Improve planning, decision making and management of assets to reduce operational costs, increase revenue and better manage risk.

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WillowTwin™ for Rail

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    See all your rail assets connected to Willow

    View your entire rail network in a single platform to identify availability, punctuality, capacity, speed restrictions, interruptions and deviations.


    Targeted insights for immediate action

    View live data on asset condition, availability and performance against historical data to identify potential issues for further investigation and actioning through ticketing workflows.


    Automated alerts based on asset condition and historical data

    Predict faults and monitor equipment without human intervention through advanced algorithms and comprehensive live and historic data on asset condition.


    Optimise maintenance and reporting processes

    Create, triage, assign, and track faults through their lifecycle with complete access to asset data, decreasing total time to restore and improving visibility for all stakeholders.


    Dynamic maintenance schedules driven by live data

    Perform maintenance on "as required" basis, driven directly by live data on asset health, reducing fixed maintenance costs and providing operational flexibility in maintenance processes.

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    A single source of truth

    A single cloud-based platform provides remote access to all systems and asset data, allowing easy diagnosis of problems and enabling insightful decision making.

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    A cyber secure platform for your asset data

    Willow’s cyber secure platform manages privacy to international standards whilst minimising risk of data loss and disruption to critical systems and infrastructure.

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    Advanced analytics to reduce costs

    WillowTwin™ integrates asset condition monitoring data to detect and forecast failures, reducing reactive maintenance and the high associated costs by an average of 30%.

Use-cases in rail


Asset Creation - Government

Set your rail projects up for digital success in design and construction.


Asset Creation - Contractors

Optimise construction and delivery of rail projects through a digital-first approach.


Asset Management - Government

Enhance asset management practices through data-led decision making.


Asset Management - O&M

Optimise the management and maintenance of rail networks through data-driven insights



Purchase Core Platform

Purchase the core platform, the platform is standard regardless of asset class.

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Customer Stories

Who benefits from WillowTwin™


Owners & Operators

Willow enables owners and operators to have complete visibility and ease of access to quality data. By providing accurate, real-time data to decision makers, Willow improves the performance and operation of rail assets. This drives efficiency and productivity, minimising network disruptions, operational costs and maximising revenue.


Government Agencies

Willow works with government agencies to set the digital project vision and framework for the delivery of large, complex transit projects. Beginning the project with the end in mind and understanding what transport networks will require in asset management, ensures a digital roadmap for asset creation at the beginning of this journey. Working client side through the procurement phase, Willow ensures you have a digital engineering strategy that can be understood and delivered by the supply chain and provides digital twin ready projects at practical completion.



Willow enables contractors to better manage and monitor the progress of rail projects against schedules to minimise program slippage, mitigate risk and improve profitability. Willow equips contractors with the visibility and understanding necessary to make accurate and strategic decisions to ensure their projects remain on track and on budget.


Maintenance Groups

Willow provides maintenance groups in the field, access to all relevant rail asset information to improve maintenance workflows and drive efficient maintenance execution. With the WillowTwin™ workforce application, maintenance groups have at their fingertips, complete asset maintenance history and real-time data on asset health which provides context and understanding to adequately repair faults.

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