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WillowTwin™ for Rail

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Willow’s digital twin solution, WillowTwin, brings together your existing network data and systems and provides detailed insight into real-time performance of your network. Draw upon static, spatial and live data, to understand ‘why’ and move from a reactive to a preventative maintenance approach.
  1. Asset Overview

    A portal to your entire network

    Easily access all asset and systems data across your whole network to aid decision making and inform maintenance plans. Customise and export data for more customised analysis in line with business goals.

  2. Performance

    The most vital performance metrics, at your fingertips

    Quickly glean key performance metrics across your network on a single dashboard. Visualise and filter performance information and drill down into more detail to inform decision making and maintenance plans.

  3. Measurements

    Stay on top of network health

    Monitor current and historic track geometry and rail wear measurements against thresholds to identify exceedances and need for action. Compare multiple runs to identify trends and irregularities and undertake maintenance before faults occur or become critical.

  4. Ticketing

    Your golden ticket to efficient maintenance

    Centralise and sync all tickets to efficiently address tickets and maintain a comprehensive record of maintenance history. Access the information required to safely and promptly rectify issues in field and record all details of maintenance action performed.

  5. GIS Map and Feature Layers

    Improve your spatial awareness

    Investigate your assets and issues with greater understanding by viewing within their spatial context, through the GIS map and feature layers. Overlay with critical information including defects, track geometry and rail wear, curves and temporary speed restrictions, and view point cluster layers to explore the highest impact areas.

  6. Mobile App

    Keep your field workers mobile

    Equip field workers with all the asset information they need to address the task at hand through our mobile application. Provide detailed navigation to designated assets and stay on top of ticket progress as it’s happening.

WillowTwin is not just another layer in your technology stack. It capitalises on your existing technology investments by unifying those systems and making them available to all users, at all times. With WillowTwin, have confidence and the most complete information at your fingertips to optimise operations and make smarter decisions As the industry digitally transforms, WillowTwin sets you up for success not only today, but tomorrow and into the future. Take the first step in your journey towards smarter operations with WillowTwin.

Customer Stories

From boardroom to basement. Who benefits from WillowTwin™ for Rail?


Owners and operators

WillowTwin gives owners and operators complete visibility and ease of access to quality data to improve the performance and operation of their network(s).


Maintenance groups

Through WillowTwin, maintenance groups have access to all relevant asset information, via desktop and mobile, to improve maintenance workflows and drive efficient maintenance execution.

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