Brand Story

Our Brand Story

Born within the Real Estate and Infrastructure industries, Willow is creating a more sustainable, connected and innovative future for the built world.

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Today, data in the built world isn’t creating the value it could be

It makes sense. When it’s tried and true, there are no surprises.
But this also closes the door on progress and the chance to create new opportunities.
Our built world is a little like that. Struggling to keep up with the needs and expectations of a complex environment.

But this is changing

A wave of technological innovations are helping us reimagine the built world

A shift that is both exciting and challenging, with heightened expectations and new demands.

  1. How will our organisations address climate change?
  2. How are we managing compliance, regulation and data security?
  3. How will we respond to new social demands for a better way to connect to the built world, enabled by technology?
  4. How can we keep up with change and stay ahead of the curve?

The answers we need to these challenges and many more do exist. In fact, they exist in volumes!

However, these answers are currently trapped in silos, lost in the supply chain and locked away in clunky old systems.

Left in this state, we will continue to drive blind, paralysed to make decisions, unable to safeguard or even use the data that should be available at our fingertips.

It can seem to be an impossible challenge.

Or at least it was, until Willow.

Like our namesake, the Willow tree, we have roots planted deeply in the built world. Expertise grounded in buildings and infrastructure, across all stages of the project lifecycle.

Complemented by an ever expanding network of software branches, connecting two worlds: the built and the digital. It is this pedigree, which has enabled us to take on a bold mission.

To empower every person and every organisation to connect with the built world in a whole new way. Changing the face of buildings and infrastructure forever.

Through Willow, “bricks and mortar” assets are transformed into living, learning and evolving systems.

At scale, the benefits of this change move beyond the commercial and extend into the social and environmental.

How entire communities live, learn, connect and interact with their world can be better understood and enhanced. We achieve this through our revolutionary software platform, WillowTwin™, enabled by WillowDigital, together accelerating digital transformation. Despite its global impact and a context of steel, concrete and data,

Willow is, at its heart, a human solution. Connecting people with their built world.

Now you can see what’s ahead and know exactly what to do about it. Rather than fearing change, you embrace it.

Because with Willow, you know your world.

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