The Story of Our Name

A vision of the built world as organic rather than static.

Just as trees grow high in the measure to which its roots grow deep, so too a building’s visible performance relies critically on the way in which its data is collected and processed.

Willow trees are among the fastest growing in the world.

They grow more in 5 years than most trees grow in 30 years. They also thrive in almost any soil or climate. So too, Willow aspires to achieve rapid growth across different sectors and countries.

Willow trees are associated with calm and tranquility.

One of Willow’s major brand promises is to bring customers a sense of calm and tranquility admist the complex and sometimes chaotic demands of the built world.

Willow trees are graceful and visually arresting.

Rather than impressing our customers with a torrent of data and busy dashboards, Willow aims to keep the complex hidden and to display only the important information in a concise, elegant and beautiful way.

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