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The digital twin for the built world.

Our vision is to transform the built world — making it more sustainable, connected, intuitive, and innovative.


WillowTwin™ is a ground-breaking software platform that re-imagines the digital twin for the built world.


WillowDigital™ delivers digital engineering and architecture services to customers.

Connecting you to the built world in a whole new way

Reduced risk​

Structured 3D workflows are provided to enhance the coordination of services, structure and architecture

Save money and plan for the future

A centralised and transparent approach to data sharing and modelling

Targeted insights

Powerful insights accurately assigned to the right place with the right action

A single source of truth

All relevant data in a single pane of glass, proving transparency and control

What's happening at Willow?

“Willow’s mission is to empower every person and every organisation to connect with the built world in a whole new way. Changing the face of buildings and infrastructure forever. Together with our employees, customers, partners and communities, we are making the world more sustainable, connected, intuitive, and innovative.”

Industry transformation requires leadership

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